My Current Dev Setup

Mostly for my own peace of mind, I’m documenting the tools I currently have on my dev computer, a circa 2013 MacBook Pro. ’Cause you never know. Free IDEs XCode (Apple development in Objective-C or Swift) Corona SDK and Simulator (dev in Lua) Android Studio (Java, includes adb, command-line tool for installing APK files to read more

WordWhile level building: more tools for finding novel words

Today I discovered SkELL (Sketch Engine for Language Learning), a great online resource provided by Lexical Computing Ltd. (makers of Sketch Engine ).  It indexes billions of words of corpora and lets you look up usage examples (for single words and phrases), similar words and collocations by part of speech. I came across it while read more

Why you should think before you click “made for kids”

Stop sign allowing thought before clicking made for kids on app store

When I first released WordWhile on the Apple App Store, I thought “Hey, I put a lot of thought and care into making this a game that kids, albeit bookish kids, could safely play.  Why not check the box that includes it in the kids category?”  Well, now I know why not! To start with, when read more