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Designing the sound for WordWhile (part 1)

In keeping with the Victorian/19th century styling of WordWhile, I found a British music hall song from that era with a melody I liked (I know enough music theory for that), namely “Going to the Derby in a Four-In-Hand”.  The song is in the public domain, but I needed a recording for commercial use.  Through read more

Tools for adding challenges to WordWhile texts

All my time is currently being spent preparing texts for my new game, WordWhile. I start with a fairly well-known excerpt from literature in the public domain.  For now, I’m using Shakespeare.  I identify words with good Silly or Tricky potential and then start the work.  A sonnet, for example, is taking me about 3-4 read more

I made it free and they came… sort of.

I promised a follow-up to my post on the decision to make Planet Lettra free for a week last May and here it is. The very first day the app went free, it was downloaded 29,000 times through iTunes (app developers can track sales by “device”, eg. iPad, iPhone, “Desktop” which is to say iTunes or, read more