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the soundtrack of my life

Last year, one of my sons introduced me to Songza and I quickly fell in love with it.  My favorite playlists were “Walking On Sunshine” and “At An 80’s Prom”.   Since Songza was acquired, folded into Google Play and became more polluted with ads, however, I find I’m turning back to my own music read more

kicking my analytics habit

Before setting up this website and releasing Planet Lettra, I barely existed on the web.  Even now my presence is very modest.  This difference, however, is that the public interaction with that modest presence is highly quantified. Analytics are everywhere and I find it so compelling to stare at that data, slicing and dicing it by read more

No Shooting. No Shopping.

Long before I decided to try my hand at making apps, I had found a principle to guide me in designing games and choosing what projects to work on.  “In my games there’ll be no shooting and no shopping,”  I would tell my kids (who fancy themselves gamers and certainly are more so than their read more