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The belly of Planet Lettra

Several reviewers suggested that it would be good if kids could “review” the real words they had already built and fed to the Munchers on Planet Lettra.  This feature had been added to version 2.1, The Australia Update, coming soon to the App Store.  Why Australia?  Because now you can travel down under the planet surface read more

Getting the Spanish Done

One element of the “feature creep” that has happened in version 2 of Planet Lettra is the addition of Spanish.  Adding Spanish as one of the languages that Lettra “knows” was easy; I needed a very long list of Spanish words and a shorter list of about 1000 words important to reading fluency.  But what about read more

The Tutorial Feature That Ate My Summer

In designing the interface to the first version of Planet Lettra,  one of my main goals was to ensure that young users would not get stuck in any submenus or windows that were not part of the main play experience.  I’ve since learned that even very young users are very comfortable navigating a standard app read more