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Why you should think before you click “made for kids”

When I first released WordWhile on the Apple App Store, I thought “Hey, I put a lot of thought and care into making this a game that kids, albeit bookish kids, could safely play.  Why not check the box that includes it in the kids category?”  Well, now I know why not! To start with, when read more

Still more tools for making WordWhile challenges

This online ngram search engine is fantastic: It is based on the Open American National Corpus, which consists of about 15 million words of spoken and written American English.  With the search engine, I can look for, for example, all the occurrences of “dreadful *” (i.e. “dreadful” followed by any word) to give me read more

More tools for making WordWhile challenges

I wanted to find not synonyms or antonyms for “infinite” (as in when Hamlet says, “how infinite in faculty”) but rather words that might be used in a similar context, so I Googled “identify words semantically related”.  Semantic Link ( does the trick. The creator of Semantic Link offers an interface to the results of read more