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Designing the sound for WordWhile (part 1)

In keeping with the Victorian/19th century styling of WordWhile, I found a British music hall song from that era with a melody I liked (I know enough music theory for that), namely “Going to the Derby in a Four-In-Hand”.  The song is in the public domain, but I needed a recording for commercial use.  Through read more

Designing Planet Lettra: ‘The big question is “why?”‘

Receiving the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice award in January of this year for Planet Lettra—my first ever educational app, the product now of over 1200 hours of work and a one-person effort—was a great thrill and honour.  It is not an exclusive honour; over a hundred apps earned that award for “Excellence in Design” read more

No Shooting. No Shopping.

Long before I decided to try my hand at making apps, I had found a principle to guide me in designing games and choosing what projects to work on.  “In my games there’ll be no shooting and no shopping,”  I would tell my kids (who fancy themselves gamers and certainly are more so than their read more