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Corona SDK store.init was not working for Apple App Store IAP (in-app purchases)… or so I thought!

I’m implementing IAP for the first time for the Teen and Adult Phonics Library app I’ve developing in collaboration with Victoria Leslie.  The app was built using the Corona game engine (also used for my literary game WordWhile)  I just had a realization about the API that came to me after about two hours of pulling read more

My Current Dev Setup

Mostly for my own peace of mind, I’m documenting the tools I currently have on my dev computer, a circa 2013 MacBook Pro. ’Cause you never know. Free IDEs XCode (Apple development in Objective-C or Swift) Corona SDK and Simulator (dev in Lua) Android Studio (Java, includes adb, command-line tool for installing APK files to read more

More tools for making WordWhile challenges

I wanted to find not synonyms or antonyms for “infinite” (as in when Hamlet says, “how infinite in faculty”) but rather words that might be used in a similar context, so I Googled “identify words semantically related”.  Semantic Link ( does the trick. The creator of Semantic Link offers an interface to the results of read more