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More tools for making WordWhile challenges

I wanted to find not synonyms or antonyms for “infinite” (as in when Hamlet says, “how infinite in faculty”) but rather words that might be used in a similar context, so I Googled “identify words semantically related”.  Semantic Link ( does the trick. The creator of Semantic Link offers an interface to the results of read more

Designing the sound for WordWhile (part 1)

In keeping with the Victorian/19th century styling of WordWhile, I found a British music hall song from that era with a melody I liked (I know enough music theory for that), namely “Going to the Derby in a Four-In-Hand”.  The song is in the public domain, but I needed a recording for commercial use.  Through read more

the soundtrack of my life

Last year, one of my sons introduced me to Songza and I quickly fell in love with it.  My favorite playlists were “Walking On Sunshine” and “At An 80’s Prom”.   Since Songza was acquired, folded into Google Play and became more polluted with ads, however, I find I’m turning back to my own music read more