Getting the Spanish Done

One element of the “feature creep” that has happened in version 2 of Planet Lettra is the addition of Spanish.  Adding Spanish as one of the languages that Lettra “knows” was easy; I needed a very long list of Spanish words and a shorter list of about 1000 words important to reading fluency.  But what about the app description on the App Store and guided tour?  I don’t speak Spanish and I wanted Spanish to be a fulled implemented language, so I turned to the wondrous software layer of the Web.

Through One Hour Translation, I was able to connect effortlessly with Eva-Maria J. and get a wonderful translation in under two hours at a very fair cost (8 cents a word).  Voice123 is a amazing web site for finding voice talent: I posted the project and within a few hours had a dozen auditions in my inbox, each with a proposed price (I had not specified the budget for the project).  I chose Lorraine Ansell for her lovely reading of the audition script, fair price and flexible delivery options. Voice123 are not agents, so I contacted Lorraine directly and within an hour had my short voice over recording. Thanks, Lorraine!

The whole process was a first for me and just a pleasure from start to finish.  Everyone I communicated with was pleasant and professional and everything was so FAST without me having to pressure anyone.  I can only imagine how much harder and more expensive it would have been to get the same results only a few years ago.  So much so that I probably would not even have considered adding Spanish to my project.  I can see that the increase in competition is driving prices down, but maybe the increased opportunity for work (projects like mine, for example) compensates for that and people can still make a living as a translator or