More tools for making WordWhile challenges

I wanted to find not synonyms or antonyms for “infinite” (as in when Hamlet says, “how infinite in faculty”) but rather words that might be used in a similar context, so I Googled “identify words semantically related”.  Semantic Link ( does the trick.

The creator of Semantic Link offers an interface to the results of a computation of a metric called “mutual information” on pairs of words over all of English Wikipedia.  Only words occurring more than 1000 times in Wikipedia are available.  Infinite was no there but infinity was.

WordNet ( is also an incredibly rich source of semantic information.  Database can be download and queried offline or you can use the online search tool.  In the latter, if you enter a word, you’ll get one or more entries with an “S” beside them. If you click the “S”, you can browse the “Synset (semantic) relations” of the word with that meaning or usage and this includes direct hyper- and hyponyms. It’s amazing!