My Current Dev Setup

Mostly for my own peace of mind, I’m documenting the tools I currently have on my dev computer, a circa 2013 MacBook Pro. ’Cause you never know.

Free IDEs

  • XCode (Apple development in Objective-C or Swift)
  • Corona SDK and Simulator (dev in Lua)
  • Android Studio (Java, includes adb, command-line tool for installing APK files to Android devices)

Open Source Tools

  • GIMP (image editing)
  • Audacity (audio recording, processing and editing)
  • MAMP (local server for testing web dev)
  • FileZilla (FTP)
  • FontForge (font editing, runs on X Windows)
  • grep and sed
  • English spell-checker word list at /usr/share/dict/words
  • terminal

Free Tools

  • Application Loader (for uploading builds to iTunes Connect)

Purchased Software

  • DB Browser for SQLite
  • TexturePacker
  • SublimeText (text editor with great plugins for many programming languages)
  • iOS Console (from, very useful for filtering log messages on iOS devices)


Last updated Friday, November 3, 2017