More tools for making WordWhile challenges

I wanted to find not synonyms or antonyms for “infinite” (as in when Hamlet says, “how infinite in faculty”) but rather words that might be used in a similar context, so I Googled “identify words semantically related”.  Semantic Link ( does the trick. The creator of Semantic Link offers an interface to the results of read more

Designing the sound for WordWhile (part 1)

In keeping with the Victorian/19th century styling of WordWhile, I found a British music hall song from that era with a melody I liked (I know enough music theory for that), namely “Going to the Derby in a Four-In-Hand”.  The song is in the public domain, but I needed a recording for commercial use.  Through read more

Tools for adding challenges to WordWhile texts

All my time is currently being spent preparing texts for my new game, WordWhile. I start with a fairly well-known excerpt from literature in the public domain.  For now, I’m using Shakespeare.  I identify words with good Silly or Tricky potential and then start the work.  A sonnet, for example, is taking me about 3-4 read more