Jesse Schell on the future of VR in Education

Dust or Magic does a great service to the children’s technology development community in putting many of the talks from their events up on YouTube. Recently, I watched a talk by Jesse Schell ( and the bool “The Art of Game Design”) on the future of VR and VR in Education. Here are my notes read more

I made it free and they came… sort of.

I promised a follow-up to my post on the decision to make Planet Lettra free for a week last May and here it is. The very first day the app went free, it was downloaded 29,000 times through iTunes (app developers can track sales by “device”, eg. iPad, iPhone, “Desktop” which is to say iTunes or, read more

How to use (ie. redeem ) an Apple App Store promo code

Got a promo code for Planet Lettra from Studio Goojaji? Sweet!  Here’s how to redeem it: 1) Open the App Store app on your device. 2) Scroll to the very bottom of the welcome screen. 3) Tap the “Redeem” button (circled in red in this iPad screenshot). 4) Enter the code manually and tap “Redeem” in read more