the soundtrack of my life

Last year, one of my sons introduced me to Songza and I quickly fell in love with it.  My favorite playlists were “Walking On Sunshine” and “At An 80’s Prom”.   Since Songza was acquired, folded into Google Play and became more polluted with ads, however, I find I’m turning back to my own music library and rediscovering the albums and songs that marked important moments or projects in my life:

The Cure’s Disintegration: listened to endlessly after my first breakup

Seal’s Crazy: awesome summer of ’91 at the Ontario Science Center when I met my future wife

I Feel Good by James Brown: playing in the room as my first son was born

Cole Porter, Night and Day: sang this for my wife at our wedding and many times before and since

Toorah Loorah Loorah, Inchworm and Little Things: the “big three” bedtime songs I’ve sung thousands of times to my three boys and one of which was sung to me through my childhood (Toorah, along with On The Good Ship Lollypop.  Thanks Mom!)

Coldplay’s Rush of Blood to the Head: working at the microscrope until the wee hours doing research for my (super interesting but ultimately abandoned) Ph.D.

Arkade Fire,  The Suburbs: finishing basement, especially putting up drywall and finish carpentry

Since Planet Lettra was developed while I was enamoured of Songza, there is sadly no album I associate with that project. I’ve decided to fix that moving forward.

The one and only album I’m listening to while working on my current project is Study Break by The Waveform Generation (TWG). Hit repeat and code! By the way, TWG is the front for my brother Rob.  Check out his music on Soundcloud .  Great for coding, cooking and getting down.  Thanks for putting it out there and being my muse, bro’!