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New: WordWhile

“Timeless texts…tweaked!” In this new game, as well-loved poetry and excerpts from classic books scroll by, you fill in the blanks by choosing between the author's word and another selected from a large and lovingly hand-picked set. Accurate or novel: either way you win! Visit to watch a preview video.

WARNING: possible side effects of playing WordWhile include: increased vocabulary, improved memory, greater familiarity with literary classics and giggling. Studio Goojaji assumes no responsability for any learning incurred as a result of playing WordWhile...but the giggling is totally our fault.


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The unabridged edition of WordWhile contains the complete set of playable texts available now...and forever, at no additional cost. The game will initially have two collections (“Shakespeare: Speeches and Sonnets” and “Proverbs”), but many others are in development and will be made available as updates to WordWhile at no additional charge. The app also has no ads or in app purchases to distract you from these great books. The wise wordsmith would “get in on the ground floor” as they say.

Planet Lettra

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Planet Lettra for iOS is a digital playground for making spelling and phonics discoveries. Kids build words by pushing and bumping the letter bubbles together in the sky over Lettra. The bubbles are smart; they guide kids towards spelling real words. On the surface of the planet are creatures hungry for bubbles. When they get a snack, their funny reactions also encourage kids in their word building experiments. Learn more here.